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Contact Lenses


Live your best life in easy-to-wear, easy-to-love daily disposable contact lenses

There’s nothing basic about PRECISION1® contact lenses. These babies are all kinds of extra. In fact, PRECISION1® contact lenses feature a cool bit of genius known as SMARTSURFACE® Technology, which keeps moisture on the lens surface. That’s on top of providing dependable comfort, precise vision and easy handling. Plus, you start with a fresh new pair every day. So get extra and get out there.


Why You'll Love Them

  • Exclusive SMARTSURFACE® Technology keeps moisture on the lens surface where it matters most. Translation: Real comfy

  • Nearly 5x more lens wearers “strongly preferred” PRECISION1® than the leading daily disposable contact lens brand

  • 9 out of 10 wearers agree that PRECISION1® contact lenses are easy-peasy to handle

  • Class 1 UV Blocking delivers the highest level of UV protection available in a daily disposable lens

  • Have astigmatism? We’ve got you covered.


How do PRECISION1® contact lenses work?

PRECISION1® contact lenses are daily disposable lenses you only wear once. All you do is put them in in the morning and take them out before bed. No sweat!

What prescriptions are available for PRECISION1® contact lenses?

PRECISION1® contact lenses come in sphere powers -12.00D to -6.00D in 0.50 steps and -6.00D to +8.00D in 0.25 steps. 

How much do PRECISION1® contact lenses cost?

PRECISION1® contact lenses offer precise vision and dependable comfort at a mainstream price. The best part? You can try them FREE* for 5 days before purchasing.


*Eye exam may be required before lens trial. Professional fees may apply. Offer available at participating offices.

Is there a rebate for PRECISION1® contact lenses?

Ask your eye doctor about special offers or rebates. There’s also a FREE* 5-day trial available. And if you purchase them and don’t love them, download our Platinum Total Satisfaction Guarantee to get a full refund.


*Eye exam may be required before lens trial. Professional fees may apply. Offer available at participating offices.

†Purchase Alcon contact lenses risk-free for 60 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the lenses to your eye care professional for a full refund. Alcon will also reimburse you up to $60 (in the form of a VISA® pre-paid card) toward your fitting fee. Additional restrictions apply. See Official Claims Form for full terms & conditions.

Is there a PRECISION1® contact lens for astigmatism?

Yes! Here’s everything you need to know about PRECISION1® for Astigmatism.