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Wearing PRECISION1® one-day contact lenses is the start of something big. Like doing-more-of-the-things-you-love big. Start wearing them and say hello to lens freedom! Because these tiny pairs of genius open up a world of possibilities.

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All the Contact Lenses Support You Need

Curious about PRECISION1® contact lenses but don’t know where to start? Everything you need to know – from how to start your free* 5-day trial to how to put them in each morning – is all right here. Easy peasy.  

Everything You Need to Know

*Eye exam may be required before lens trial. Professional fees may apply. Offer available at participating offices.

Get Your Life in Lenses Started for Free* Now

PRECISION1® contact lenses are designed for people who want to embrace the freedom of life with daily contact lenses. Plus, they’re easy to wear and easy to love. That’s a win-win!

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*Eye exam may be required before lens trial. Professional fees may apply. Offer available at participating offices.

What’s Your Lens Love Style?

We know you love taking in the world around you – but are you seeing it all clearly? Take The Lens Love Quiz to see what you want most from your vision and how contact lenses can help you live your best life.

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Getting in the Contact Lens Zone

Since PRECISION1® are daily disposable contact lenses, you simply put them in in the morning and remove them when your day’s over. That means you’ll be saying “Oh hey, freedom!” a lot more. Keep in mind that it’ll take time for you and your eyes to adjust to wearing contact lenses. But the more you wear them, the easier they are to love.

Woman putting in contact lens

It's good to get into the habit of putting your contact lenses in when you're getting ready in the morning. It'll feel as refreshing as washing your face.

Throw a backup pair of contact lenses in your bag before you leave every day. Ya know, just in case you crash at a friend’s. 

If things don’t feel or look right at any point during your trial, your eye doctor will be happy to help. Just give them a call.

Handle with ease and expertise

Inserting Your Contact Lenses

DModule5 InsertStep1 2x 01 01

Step 1

Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.

DModule5 InsertStep2 2x 01 01

Step 2

Place the lens on the tip of your index finger.

DModule5 InsertStep3 2x 01 01

Step 3

Make sure it’s curved like a bowl. If the ends are curling like a bell, it’s inside out.

DModule5 InsertStep4 2x 01 01

Step 4

Slowly move the lens toward your eye.

DModule5 InsertStep5 2x 01 01

Step 5

Use the middle finger of your opposite hand to pull your upper eyelid up, and the middle finger of your other hand to pull your lower eyelid down.

DModule5 InsertStep6 2x 01 01

Step 6

Carefully place the lens on your eye.

DModule5 InsertStep7 2x 01 01

Step 7

Blink a few times to help it settle into place.

Thumbs up icon 1

Step 8

The more you do it, the easier it gets. Repeat for your other eye.

Removing Your Contact Lenses

DModule5 RemovalStep1 2x 01 01

Step 1

Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly.

DModule5 RemovalStep2 2x 01 01

Step 2

Pull your upper eyelid up and lower eyelid down with your middle fingers.

DModule5 RemovalStep3 2x 01 01

Step 3

Use your index finger to slide the lens to the lower part of your eye.

DModule5 RemovalStep4 2x 01 01[1]

Step 4

Pinch the lens between your fingers and remove it from your eye. Repeat for your other eye.

Or Just Watch This How-To Video

Track Your 5-Day Trial

With the PRECISION1® Daily Trial Tracker, it’s easy to do. Think of it as your contact lens BFF – a buddy you can share your contact lens trial experience with. Fill the tracker out each day to track how well you’re doing and bring it with you to your follow-up appointment, so your eye doctor can make sure PRECISION1® is right for you.

Download Your Daily Trial Tracker