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Trying PRECISION1 Contact Lenses for the First Time


Congrats! You made a big decision and it’s good to know that starting your life in PRECISION1 daily disposable contact lenses is easy. So let’s get started. First thing’s first – make an appointment with your optometrist.



Pro tip

Not all optometrists carry PRECISION1 daily disposable contact lenses, so ask before you go. Then use this handy checklist to set yourself up for a win on the big day. It’s going to be super easy because these babies are not only easy to wear, but easy to love.

What to Know Before You Go

  • Appointment lengths vary so give yourself an hour to try on those contact lenses

  • Ask your optometrist all the questions, even if you think it’s silly (we provided some useful ones below)

  • Remember to check with your optometrist’s office about any health policies and/or protocols

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What to Bring

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Your FREE* Trial Voucher

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Your Health Insurance Info

Or your mum’s card if you are still that lucky

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Your current eyewear ...

... other contact lenses or whatever you use to see clearly.

What to Ask

  • How long will it take for my eyes to adjust to contact lenses?

    There’s no exact science to this. Some people adjust in a few minutes, others a little longer. The good news? PRECISION1 contacts are specially designed to be easy to wear and easy to love, so you’ll be comfy in no time.

  • How often should I wear my contact lenses?

    PRECISION1 daily disposable contact lenses are for daily wear. Everyone’s eyes are different and your optometrist can tell you what to expect. Even though they are really comfy it’s best to ask your optometrist for tips.

  • Do I need to schedule a follow-up appointment?

    Most optometrists are going to want to have a follow-up appointment. This will ensure you have the best possible lens wear experience.

  • Are there any new health precautions I should take?

    Check in with your optometrist’s office before your appointment.

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