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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Comments? Dinner ideas? You’ll find just about everything you need below (well, maybe not that last one). If not, contact your Eye Care Professional. Don’t have one? We can help.



    It’s really easy to get PRECISION1® lenses in and out – see for yourself:




    Keep in mind this video does not replace the need for undergoing insertion and removal consultation with your Eye Care Professional – it’s here to provide some extra support.


    There have been massive strides in contact lens technology in recent years. The risk of contact lens-related eye damage is low as long as you follow your eye care professional’s advice and recommendations. Maybe don’t put them in right after you cook a batch of spicy pepper chili, either. Just trust us on that one.


    Nope, that’s physically impossible. A terrifying thought for sure, but totally impossible. Now if you rub your eye, the contact lens might move around. Try some rewetting drops to get it back in place.


    PRECISION1® contact lenses are disposable and designed for daily use. Just use a fresh pair each day and take them out before you go to sleep. Simple as that.


    You sure can wear contact lenses with sensitive eyes. It’s important that your contact lenses feel as comfortable as possible, especially if your eyes are as sensitive as your emotions after your favourite show is canceled. Make sure you let your Eye Care Professional know about your sensitivities so they can tell you which contact lens is right for you.


    Although it’s tempting, we recommend that you do not swim in your contact lenses. Instead, ask your Eye Care Professional about protective eye wear options.


    Yes, you can wear makeup with contact lenses. We recommend putting your contact lenses in before you do your makeup. Otherwise, you might ruin a perfectly good cat eye. Oh, and maybe go easy on the mascara so you don’t get any on your contact lens.


    Make an appointment with your Eye Care Professional and ask about PRECISION1® contact lenses. You will need a prescription from an Eye Care Professional in order to get contact lenses. Don’t have an Eye Care Professional? Find one here.


    No – contact lens prescriptions are different from eyeglass prescriptions. If you have glasses but are interested in trying contacts, schedule an appointment with your Eye Care Professional.


    PRECISION1® contact lenses are oh-so-comfortable. These tiny pairs of genius are made from unique SMARTSURFACE® Technology, containing a thin layer of moisture on the surface made up of more than 80% water. Your Eye Care Professional will examine your eyes and recommend the correct type of lens for you to help achieve a comfortable wearing experience.


    PRECISION1® comes in 30-count and 90-count boxes, so take your pick! Pro tip: get the best bang for your buck with 90-count boxes.


    PRECISION1® contact lenses come in sphere powers -12.00D to -6.00D in 0.50 steps and -6.00D to +8.00D in 0.25 steps. Have an astigmatism? We’ve got you covered.


    PRECISION1® for Astigmatism contact lenses come in:
    * Powers 0.00 to -6.00D in 0.25 steps, cylinder -.075 to -1.75 in axis of full circle 10 steps. Available in -2.25 cylinder in axis 10,20, 70-90, 100,110, 160-180 steps.
    * Powers -6.50 to -8.00 in 0.50D steps, cylinder -.075 to -1.75 in axis 10,20, 70-90, 100,110, 160-180 steps. Available in -2.25 cylinder in axis 10,20,160-180 steps.
    * Powers +4.00 to +0.25 (0.25D steps), cylinder -.075 to -1.75 in axis 10,20, 70-90, 100,110, 160-180 steps. Available in -2.25 cylinder in axis 10,20,160-180 steps.


    Your Eye Care Professional will diagnose astigmatism during your regular eye exam. If you don’t have an Eye Care Professional, we can help you find one here.


    Ask your eye care professional for complete wear, care and safety information.Rx Only Icon